Removing an Angular ng-click binding...

I searched in order to find a way in which to remove an angular click bind but couldnt find an elegant solution, really is it that difficult? The solution was actually quite simple! Consider in HTML view: ng-click="clickBind()" Clear in js controller... $scope.clickBind = null; Simple as that... Happy… »

Descovering Harp.js

So I recently finished a freelance job with the guys at YLD which involved using Harp.js and was really impressed with how flexible the framework is. It comes bundled with all the great pre-processors needed to build a class Node.js app fast. I especially like the way it… »

Connecting to API using Node.js

Recently I've been working on connecting to differnt Bitcoin API's and have implemented a solution in Node.js which can help you connect to the RPC Wallet API. I have used the 'bitcoin' package available at npm to help build the solution. You can download the solution at… »

Connecting to Coinbase API using PHP

So, I've been working with PHP and the Coinbase API and I have uploaded the code to GitHub for anyone who's interested. You can download it here I've included some example calls in the Examples folder to show how to use the files. You need to setup your API key… »

Ghost blog up and running using Node.js

Well, I got there! This is Ghost blog running on Node.js on my Linux Box. I plan to update the look and feel of this and post my development advertures. I look forward to sharding with you. :)… »