{ Richard Macarthy }

Full Stack JavaScript Developer and Freelancer

Full Stack JavaScript freelancer with awesome knowledge of Node.js and eight years experience with front-end web development technologies.

Javscript Development

I am a full Stack JavaScript developer and enthusiast. If you are looking for backend solution with Node.js or front-end solution with a Javascript framework, I'm your man! I have worked with frameworks such as Angular.js, Angular 2, Duandal.js, Knockout.js, React.js, Harp.js, Sails.js, MEAN, Hapi.js and Bitcore.js among others and also have extensive knowledge of next generation JavaScript (ES6).

Front-end Development

Front end development and JavaScript go hand in hand. Single page applications are my speciality! If SPA's aren't your bag, then let me know what is... From simple website fixes to full blown apps, no task is too big or too small. With knowledge of JavaScript, Typescript, ES6, HTML5, SASS, LESS, Stylus I'm sure that you will find my clean, maintainable and unit tested code a good fit for your project.


Richard Macarthy